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About Mazur Instruments

Located just south of Denver in Castle Rock, Colorado, Mazur Instruments designs, develops and manufactures precision devices that individuals and organizations use to detect, measure, and monitor nuclear radiation.

The company’s electronic products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Components, sub-assemblies and various machined parts are sourced locally in Colorado, or in the USA, when feasible.

The firm is focused on developing highly reliable products with unique capabilities and decades of useful life.

Development of the company’s flagship product, the PRM-8000 Geiger Counter and Radiation Monitor, began in March of 2008 and the initial qualification prototypes were available in October of that same year.

Following the March 2011 tragedy in Japan the company leveraged the PRM-8000’s flexible architecture to update device software to support Japanese text menus.

Mazur Instruments is a product division of Intelligent Marketing, Inc. a Colorado corporation established in 1995. Please contact the company for additional information.

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