Detect, Measure and Monitor Nuclear Radiation

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Key Product
Line Benefits

Entry level priced
PRM-7000 brings essential and professional grade nuclear radiation detection capability to any budget

Pancake (PRM-9000) or end-window (PRM-8000) Geiger-Muller tube models detect, measure and monitor alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation

Among the industry’s longest battery life

User-configurable settings for units, A/V, etc.

USB PC/Mac interface

Measurement statistics

Backlit LCD with English and Japanese menus

Internal data logging and simple calibration

Lightweight, rugged and weather resistant

Designed and made in the USA

Radiation Meters Made in America


Nuclear Radiation Detection, Measurement and 24/7 Monitoring

Breakthrough Capability
Starting at $289 USD

Solutions For Personal Preparedness, First Responders,
Homeland Security, Medical Safety, NORM Detection,
Education, Research, Geology

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PRM-8000 and PRM-9000 Geiger Counters